There are two types of people in this world: Those who eat to live and those who live to eat. I can proudly admit that I belong to the second type. As a true food lover, the quality of my meals can really affect my mood during the course of a day. I travel to eat. I even plan my days around food. And there is no better place than Da Lat to relax and eat well. I especially love discovering a place to have brunch when I travel to this hilly city.

Le Chalet Dalat Coffee and Bistro
Beautiful brunch set in Da Lat | Photo: Le Chalet Dalat Coffee and Bistro

Why brunch?

First, my busy daily life doesn’t leave room for a proper brunch so I want to take the time to sleep in and enjoy my food at a leisurely pace. Second, the romantic atmosphere of this city makes me want to act like a princess. Last but not least, Da Lat has many beautiful cafes and restaurants with great views to have brunch and relax for a while. You can read this article like a confession. This is my and my friend’s most favorite places to have brunch in Da Lat. Get your camera and stomach ready and go!

An Cafe

Da Lat is famous for being one of the most peaceful cities in Vietnam, and that may explain why the cafes and restaurants here all share a uniquely relaxing ambiance. Of all the charming places to eat in this land, there is a cafe that stands out among the rest. And I’m talking about An Cafe.

Get ready for your breath to be taken away!

The exterior of this cafe, blending perfectly into its surrounding nature, gives away the secret to the menu inside. There are countless small pots of veggies, separated planting areas, and five ginormous wild Himalayan cherries at the front door! In addition to enjoying a wonderful brunch with a variety of dishes such as Western and Vietnamese cuisine, smoothies, or vegetarian dishes, you can also try planting vegetables in self-decorated pots and keep your achievements updated on their Facebook page. How amazing is that?


Address: 63Bis Ba Thang Hai, Da Lat City
Google Maps location: An Cafe
Phone: 097 573 55 21
Business hours: 7 AM – 10 PM
Website: An Cafe
Price range: 31,000 VND – 75,000 VND (1.3 USD – 3.2 USD)

V Cafe

V Cafe is a lovely bar and cafeteria located on the slope of Bui Thi Xuan street. As the temperature in Da Lat is quite cool all year round, it’s perfect for sitting on the balcony of a restaurant watching life happen around you. V Cafe has a lovely outdoor area with wood tables and chairs, picture yourself leisurely enjoying your brunch and breathing the fresh air. Besides Asian food, this shop also has a variety of international cuisines from Mexico, Italy, and Europe. If you are a vegetarian, there is a special vegan menu designed just for you. A brunch feast would not be complete without a cocktail! V Cafe has a list of boozy drinks served starting at noon to begin your day.  

V Cafe is near to Da Lat market and Xuan Huong Lake is just a few steps away.

Address: 1/1 Bui Thi Xuan, Da Lat City
Phone: 0263 3520 215
Business hours: 7 AM – 10:30 PM
Website: V Cafe
Price range: 30,000 – 110,000 VND

Artist Alley Da Lat

Since the owner and chef of Artist Alley, Mr. Vo Trinh Bien, is also an artist and musician, he brings his personal taste of art into the decoration of his restaurant. It’s easy to find a place that is well-decorated in Da Lat but you will rarely find a place like Artist Alley. When you step inside the restaurant, you will feel slightly and pleasantly lost, as if in a gallery. On the walls are many lovely paintings done by the owner hanging endearingly but maybe a little disorderly.

The atmosphere is relaxing with soft songs playing on the speakers. Soft courteous colors on the tablecloths and chair cushions greet you tenderly but with no loss of elegance as you sit down. During the day, the natural light illuminates the space, making it a cozy place to dine. Artist Alley serves a mixed-cuisine of Vietnamese and Western food. I recommend their signature avocado salad and pumpkin soup!   

Artist Alley is hidden away near Bee Pub Hostel. You will need to enter alley 86.

Address: In the alley of 86 Truong Cong Dinh, Da Lat City
Phone: (+84) 094 166 2207
Business hours: 8 AM – 10 PM
Facebook: Artist Alley Restaurant
Price range: 20,000 – 180,000 VND

Le Chalet Dalat

Le Chalet is another artistic restaurant in Da Lat inspired by French cuisine and architecture. If you love having brunch in a garden with flowers and plants surrounding you, you must not miss this chalet while in Da Lat. Not just the exterior is magical, the indoor space is very elegant and rustic. Both the natural light and artificial light are designed to make you feel at peace. Besides the French-influenced dishes for brunch such as crepes, croissants, croque madame, and many more, a big bowl of Quang noodles containing noodles, pork, shrimp, and herbs, is an excellent way to start your day.

brunch in da lat cafes and restaurants
The signature mi Quang at Le Chalet Dalat | Photo: Le Chalet Dalat Coffee and Bistro

La Chalet is located just opposite the famous Crazy House. So ideally, plan to have brunch here and visit Crazy House later on to get a glimpse of its unique architecture.

Address: 6 Huynh Thuc Khang, Da Lat City
Phone: 0263 3 828 886
Business hours: 8 AM – 10 PM
Facebook: Le Chalet Dalat
Price range: 45,000 – 79,000 VND

One More Cafe

This cozy coffee shop offers a proper brunch for those of you who miss Western food on a lazy day. As the owner of One More Cafe is a friendly Australian lady, you will be sure to find some familiar tastes here. In this cafe, you can find a fresh fruit salad, French toast with cinnamon, bacon and egg rolls, eggs benedict and so on. I haven’t tried the burger but many of my friends say that it is delicious enough to persuade them to visit again. Not only serving food, this cafe is also home to a nice drink list of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. In the relaxing and chill atmosphere of One More Cafe, you can have a seat on the comfortable sofa, drink a cappuccino after brunch, and write a postcard to send back home.

Photo: Instagram @boddari15

Address: 77 Ha Ba Trung, Da Lat City
Phone: (+84) 0129 934 1835
Business hours: 8 AM – 9 PM
Facebook: One More Cafe
Price range: 30,000 – 110,000 VND

Green Box

Green Box Cafe is located a little outside of the city center but this should not deter you from going. Unlike other places in town, Green Box is a complex of organic farms and a cafe shop belonging to Lang Biang Farm. The rustic spacious cafe has four floors, all of which are decorated with plants and flowers.

A special fact about this cafe is that the staff picks the vegetables and fruit right from the farm to cook for you. You can be assured about the food safety and quality. And the best part- an actual brunch set is offered here! With only spending 55,000 VND (about 2.2 USD), you will get a green salad with chicken or shrimp and toast. Order granola yogurt as a side dish and a cup of wineberry smoothie (which is served without any ice, sugar or water) to enjoy with happiness! Finally, you can wander around the shop, taking some pictures and maybe buy some fresh strawberries or baby tomatoes for a midday pick-me-up.

Green Box Vietnam Da Lat
Photo: Green Box Vietnam

Green Box is on the way from Da Lat center to Lang Biang, Golden Valley and it neighbors Domaine de Marie church. If you don’t have any plan for your day yet, consider visiting these places in the afternoon.

Address: 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Da Lat City
Phone: 0165 950 4003
Business hours: 7 AM – 10 PM
Facebook: Green Box Vietnam
Price range: 30,000 – 55,000 VND

Still Cafe

Still Cafe proves that love at first sight never dies! I adore the vintage look of this cafe because it brought me back to the nineties, when I was still a little girl visiting Da Lat with my parents. It also reminds me of the structure of a Japanese house. The most ideal time to visit is in the morning and early afternoon, when the sun is still shining, brightening every corner of the coffee house. Regardless of the many people visiting Still Cafe at all times of the day, somehow it remains slow and peaceful. For that reason, you will always experience a tranquil time to sit back and savor your lunch.

A unique characteristic of this newly launched kitchen is that ordering food will always be a mystery. All that you need to do is tell the staff you need food and they will serve you whatever they have. Likewise, you should order their signature homemade cheese yogurt with fruit (A.K.A Still On The Hill or Still Up In The Air on the menu) and coconut cookies. It’s great for brunch or dessert.

Still Cafe Da Lat
Photo: Instagram @huongthudl

Still Cafe is tucked away in an alley, down a slope. It is a bit hard to locate so you should be patient or ask the locals when you arrive on Nguyen Trai street. From this cafe, it takes you about five minutes walking to Da Lat railway station, and Da Lat Teacher’s Training College is about four-minute travel by bike/taxi.

where to eat brunch in da lat
Photo: Still Cafe

P.S.: Be mindful of the lazy but friendly dogs and cats of this place. There are always ready to sit on your lap looking for a cuddle. This will make it ten times harder to leave in the end.

Address: 59 Nguyen Trai, Da Lat City
Phone: 01668 151 215
Business hours: 7 AM – 10 PM
Facebook: Still Cafe
Price range: 27,000 – 55,000 VND

Thien Thanh Coffee

Cuteness overload! This is the first thing you will say upon seeing Thien Thanh Coffee. The pastel hues of the interior will capture any young girly girl’s heart. In Vietnamese, Thien Thanh means blue sky, the owner painted the whole house in this calming shade. Built in a big villa, there is plenty of room. It’s divided into three areas: garden view, outdoor area, and indoor area. I love sitting on the table next to the glass window, maybe you should try to sit there too!

Both Vietnamese and Western dishes are served at all times of the day. In case you don’t feel like having a proper meal, just order a mulberry yogurt, a piece of fine cake, and a milkshake for the best brunch for team sweet tooth. I mean you’re sitting in this bonny coffee shop, why don’t you treat yourself like a princess?

Thien Thanh Cafe Da Lat
Photo: Cafe Thien Thanh

This place is close to Bao Dai Summer Palace, Cam Ly Waterfalls, Da Lat Flower Park, and the famous Da Lat St. Nicholas of Bari Cathedral. You can arrange your schedule to stop by these places.

Address: 2 Pasteur, Da Lat City
Phone: 0985 118 899
Business hours: 7 AM – 10 PM
Facebook: Thien Thanh Coffee
Price range: 25,000 – 50,000 VND

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